Jane Hughes & Heather Purcell: TASTY ETHICS & SMELLY EMPATHY – Radical Pedagogy Experiment Akademie der ZUsammenKUNFT, Berlin (2017)

The participants read the short story: The Ones Who Walk From Omelas by Ursula Le Guin. The text deals with the terrible paradox of modern life, it could be seen as a parable about exploitation, raising questions of ethics and empathy in everyday life. This was explored through taste and smell. We would like to respond to the short story beyond the parameter of academic discussion and the power of language that can weigh down, isolate and exclude. We are interested in a radical pedagogy that can take many sensory and experiential forms outside of and in addition to verbal dialogue. Thus we wanted to explore the questions of ethics, care and empathy arising in the short story as a platform for experimental discussions using smell and taste to create a diverse knowledge exchange. We hoped to facilitate an abstract link between the content of the text with the generated shared experiences of taste and smells on site during the workshop.  Various smells and tastes were provided as a platform.


Neither Here Nor There, curated by Jane Hughes & Enda O’Donoghue, Grimmuseum, Berlin (2013) & Galway Arts Centre, Ireland (2014)

Artists: Mark Curran, Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, Maurice Doherty, David Hedderman, Jane Hughes, Sophie Iremonger, Eoin Llewllyn, LiFeLooP (aka Séamus O’Donnell), Enda O’Donoghue and David O’Kane.

This exhibition title ‘NEITHER HERE NOR THERE’ suggests a world of ‘in-betweens’. Each of the 10 artists selected for this show in their own way, go beyond a binary form of understanding, addressing issues of history, tradition, uncertain spaces, meaning and intimacy. The exhibition was kindly supported by the Embassy of Ireland, Berlin and Culture Ireland as part of the EU presidency fund. Read review of exhibition in The Irish Times Newspaper.


Halbtisch, was a multi-cultural public dinning experiment, the participatory art action took place over two days on Karl-Marx Strasse, Berlin-Neukölln. The work was a collaboration with artist Gretta Louw, funded by the city of Berlin, 2010.


Jane Hughes & Heather Purcell: tasty ethics & smelly empathy

NEITHER HERE NOR THERE © Laura Gianetti :: IMG_4381

Neither Here Nor there, Grimmuseum, Berlin, curated by Jane Hughes & Enda O’Donoghue

Halbtish, Jane Hughes & Gretta Louw


Jane Hughes & Taru Kallio: Vulpicides I(2013)& II (2015)

The term vulpicide means killer of a fox. The animations were created in collaborative free form style with both artists drawing simultaneously in a raw simple rough hand-drawn style with charcoal and pastel.

Vulpicide II (2015) was created in response to poignant fox screams of both abandoned and active fox fur farms that linger in Ostrobothnia region of Finland, where the artist completed a residency in 2015.

Vulpicide I (2013) The architecture of Berlin and its many urban foxes are the source material for the one- minute charcoal animation, where both artists work at the same time laboriously drawing frame by frame in a merging of consciousness creating an evolving charcoal thought stream of a surrealist nature. It was part of Vulpicide/Citycide exhibition at Sorbus Galleria, Helsinki, (2013)


Theorie- und Praxisgemeinschaft Dr. Fahimi: Bürgerinitiativengenerator / Social Movement Generator
1 May (2011), Berlin, Kottbusser Tor

The Social Movement Generator (SMoG) is a performance that equips any visitor or passerby within 30 minutes with a complete social movement promoting any political idea of his or her choice. In the beta-version documented here, the SMoG provides: (1) evaluation of the idea and a strategy for political action, (2) a program with essential demands and a slogan, (3) a logo, promotion material, banners and posters, (4) a group of supporters and a spontaneous demonstration.


Activation: Maebh Cheasty, Corinne Halter, Jane Hughes, Magda Korsinsky
Evaluation & strategy: Stig Aagaard, Jean-Michel Berg, Florian Kessler
Program & slogan: Anne Levy, Wilma Renfordt
Logo & promotion: Ingo Gerken, Surya Gied
Demonstration: Corinne Halter
Video: Jovan Arsenic, Angelo Wemmje
Photos: Malte Jäger


Vulpicides I & II, Jane Hughes & Taru Kallio

The Social Movement Generator