Halbtisch, was a multi-cultural public dinning experiment, the participartory art action took place over two days on Karl-Marx Strasse, Berlin-Neukölln. The work was a collaboration with artist Gretta Louw, funded by the city of Berlin, 2010.

Theorie- und Praxisgemeinschaft Dr. Fahimi Bürgerinitiativengenerator / Social Movement Generator 1 May 2011 Berlin, Kottbusser Tor The Social Movement Generator (SMoG) is a performance that equips any visitor or passerby within 30 minutes with a complete social movement promoting any political idea of his or her choice. In the beta-version documented here, the SMoG provides: (1) evaluation of the idea and a strategy for political action, (2) a program with essential demands and a slogan, (3) a logo, promotion material, banners and posters, (4) a group of supporters and a spontaneous demonstration. Initiatives generated: You are many Zeig Profil Kiel ist Deutschland – Privatisierung stoppen Gleicher Lohn für gleiche Arbeit vs. bureaucratic territorial restrictions Wasser, Wind, Licht, Atom nicht Globalize Trade Unions Gallery Weekend entern Rollator-Wege für X-Berg Emissionssiegel für Flugobst Soldaten sind auch Bürger Bild dir deinen Aufsichtsrat Stadtschloss für alle und alles Grünes Berlin - Dachgärten für alle Kunst studieren – umsonst inspirieren Team: Activation: Maebh Cheasty, Corinne Halter, Jane Hughes, Magda Korsinsky Evaluation and strategy: Stig Aagaard, Jean-Michel Berg, Florian Kessler Program and slogan: Anne Levy, Wilma Renfordt Logo and promotion: Ingo Gerken, Surya Gied Demonstration: Corinne Halter Video: Jovan Arsenic, Angelo Wemmje Photos: Malte Jäger

Berlin-Wedding, 2008