tasty ethics & smelly empathy :

Radical Pedagogy Experiment #1 ZUsammenKUNFT Berlin 2017

The participants will read the short story: The Ones Who Walk From Omelas by Ursula Le Guin. The text deals with the terrible paradox of modern life, it could be seen as a parable about exploitation, raising questions of ethics and empathy in everyday life. This will be explored through taste and smell.

We would like to respond to the short story beyond the parameter of academic discussion and the power of language that can weigh down, isolate and exclude. We are interested in a radical pedagogy that can take many sensory and experiential forms outside of and in addition to verbal dialogue.

Thus we would like to explore the questions of ethics, care and empathy arising in the short story as a platform for experimental discussions using smell and taste to create a diverse knowledge exchange. We hope to facilitate an abstract link between the content of the text with the generated shared experiences of taste and smells on site during the workshop. We will provide various smells and tastes as a platform.

For example one could say taste has a strong emotional content, food and nourishment can be associated with care or bitterness. And smell on the otherhand, can have associations with wealth luxury expensive perfumes, etc. We strive to explore these paradoxes through taste and smell in our workshop.

This workshop was invited by the Academy at Haus der Statisik, whose special focus on collaborative and experimental working processes made this event possible.


Charité Hospital, Berlin, 2016 – 2017

Metamorphose is a week long animation workshop which takes place in the Charitié Clinic’s School for youth suffering from mental health problems. During the workshop we develop a narrative around the theme Metamorphose.

“This is the story or the Metamorphose People who are able to transform into different creatures, their abilities are feared by society and the Metamophosen people must flee their homes. They meet in a village where they are accepted and celebrate finding a new community.”

Animation Still, Metamorphose People

The Tiger Comes

Young Arts Charlottenburg and Bibak Gallery, Berlin, 2017

The tiger has now been in Berlin for many years. He has got used to the gray weather, and found new friends. However, he is still constantly asked: Where do you actually come from? Is your fur real? Are you dangerous? Can I stroke you? A lot of people are frightened of him, others find him elegant or somehow interesting. Either way he is always seen as being different, even though he has long since found a new home in Berlin. In the workshop participants will explore the figure of the tiger between fantasy and projection.